KARDAYAH’S Soul is a CountrySoul artist whose music speaks of love, the gospel and truth. Her music contains Ibarya(Hebrew) words; is written from a Ibaryam state of mind and perspective; to lead all people back to Mashayach. Therefore, leading them back to YAH. Therefore, speaking to the soul and spirit of all who hear and listen.

A South Georgia native of Daisy, GA; KARDAYAH’S Soul has been singing in churches, choirs, and leading groups since the age of five. Yearly beauty pageants placed her heart on stages. In which she also performed choreographed dances.

Later, she began to engage in acting and modeling gigs. She’s a former member of the Third Generation Gospel Singers quartet and The People’s Community Youth Mass Choir. From there she began to pursue her solo music career.

Her music easily teaches new language to young and old. Edifying those intrigued by such things. Influenced by both biblical and contemporary ideals; her music reveals more every time one listens.

Through her art, KARDAYAH’S Soul aims to share a taste of grace with the world; for YAH’s glory. And You’ve never see anything like it.

Artist Showcases
Live Events
  • Singer/Song writer
  • Musical and voice services (Commercials, Jingles, Theme Park Music, Voiceovers)
  • Live event singing: weddings, pageants, birthday parties, engagement parties, marriage proposals, ECT.
  • Stage plays and musicals
  • Custom promos, business promotions.

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YAH has graced me with a beautiful gift. I invite you to follow me on my journey to share it with the world. Click and enjoy. Share with someone that you love. Shälam and berakah family.